COVID Resources

Here are some actionable resources you can use including podcasts, a tutorial and equipment list on how to upgrade your home office, a guide to crisis communications, discounts on our flagship courses and lots more, courtesy of Adam Gower of  Gower Crowd.

The podcast is with Peter Fischer who is a commercial real estate attorney and from whom you can learn a lot about how landlord/tenant discussions are evolving as we hit the first 1st of the month since the bulk of the shelter-in-place orders went into effect. You can access that podcast by clicking here

And Darren Powderly who, as co-founder of Crowdstreet, probably sees more sponsors and investors every day than anyone else and shares his insights regarding the impact of the pandemic on CRE. That podcast can be accessed by clicking here.

And access to disaster relief funds is through the Small Business Association and the place to start is on a site they have set up specifically for that. Click here to go apply for stimulus funds.


A little more about SIOR Northern California Chapter...

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